About Me - From Dream to Reality

Creativity and artwork has always been my passion so it wasn't unusual to find me drawing, writing or doing handcrafts of all varieties. I did my time in the Corporate world working to pay the bills in a job that had nothing to do with artistry. But I yearned to expand my creative talents and dreamed of having my own business doing what I enjoy the most.

When the time was right, I set off on a new creative journey and enrolled in the Art Institute where I was introduced to digital graphic design. As I was taking those classes, I started machine embroidery and bought software so I could create my own embroidery designs. Eventually I began gifting and selling custom embroidered and sewn products.

Then I learned about heat presses and techniques for printing on a wide variety of substrates. Of course, I had to go there too! Why not? The artwork for embroidery designs can be created so they're compatible for quality printinting as well.

My products are designed with the sentiments and happiness I feel in being able to follow my passion. I hope the designs inspire you and make your days as happy as mine.